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This page was created by Andy, and if you have any problems or issues with it feel free to post a comment in the discussion forums or shoot a message via the contact form.

If you are interested in how this was made, well it is all Javascript. This is one of the first times I ever used JavaScript, so to be honest almost all of the code here was written by someone else. What I did was Google around until I found Douglas McKechie's site, dougTesting.net, which honestly has a JavaScript library that fulfills 95% of what I was looking for. It also, fortunately enough, had a lot of information about how it worked and how it could be modified, which was a great help to me in my first ever JavaScript project. So, after fooling around with the code for a while, I managed to change it to fit exactly what I wanted to do, and that was that.

If you are curious about the origin of this project, it all started with a request on the forums. So, if you are looking for something in particular, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm not a coding expert by any means, but I do enjoy the occasional puzzle, so am more than happy to try and implement anything you might be looking for. Conversely, we have lots of teachers who share their materials here, so if you are looking for something specific that might not have a technological solution, we will still do our best to help. Please, look around, sign up if you haven't already, and feel free to share any teaching materials that you think will be helpful.

If this is your first visit to TeachKorea.kr, welcome!  Please become a member.  It’s free–and will remain that way.  It’s also quick and easy.  After you register (up there under the “Account” menu), you can immediately participate in the discussion forums  and materials sharing area.  Whether you’re teaching for a “hagwon”, in the public schools or at a university, we want to improve your teaching experience.  The key to that is your involvement and your contributions–take a moment to introduce yourself!

If you’re already a member, welcome back!   We hope that when you were here before, you found something useful for your teaching.  If so, how about sharing your materials to help this site to grow?  We set up this website in 2017 to be an alternative to similar websites, but one that is free and offers direct uploading and downloading.