Ladder Game

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Ladder Game

No. 1No. 2No. 3No. 4
Res. 1Res. 2Res. 3Res. 4
Columns: 4

Instructions for using this ladder game:

  • Change the “Number” and “Result” cells by clicking and typing new names
  • Click the + button underneath to add rows (up to 10 only)
  • Click the – button underneath to remove rows
  • Click the “Refresh” button to redraw the ladder rungs
  • Mouse over the top row (the “Number” row) to see the results for each team

About Ladder Game:

Ladder game (sadari game / 사다리게임) is a game for distributing things to a number of people where there is an equal number of results and people. The game guarantees that no one will get the same result, and ultimately each result will be distributed to one person or team. If you want to read more about it, check out the “Ghost Leg” Wikipedia page, which will explain more than you need to know.

This page was created by Andy, and if you have any problems or issues with it feel free to post a comment in the discussion forums or shoot a message via the contact form.

If you are interested in how this was made, well it is all Javascript. Because I am not much of a coder, I borrowed heavily from the design of Thomas Park, who made a simple version of this. In order to give it a bit more functionality, I added a way to add and remove columns and refresh the page. In the process of that I broke a few things from the version I copied. All the coding issues are clearly mine and not his.

Incidentally, the maximum number of rows is 10 now, but if there is some desire I can work on increasing it. The problem is that the width of the page becomes an issue (the ladder game on Naver scrolls, but I like to see the whole thing at once), and the number of possible crossovers needs to increase quite a bit or you end up with the starting points not traveling all the way across making it a lot less random.

Anyway, I put this project together quickly while ignoring work I need to do, so I might revisit and make it a bit more interesting. We will see.