Treasure Planet Camp (Covid-Friendly, Social Distanced)

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    Pirate and Space Themed “Treasure Planet” Camp
    This camp was a hit with both my schools, so thought I’d share ^.^

    It’s a four day camp, is social-distanced and all the materials are pretty well ironed-out since this is my second time using this camp theme.

    All Materials Here (this is a .zip file with everything needed)

    Camp Schedule Overview:

    Day 1: Launch
    – Welcome + Sort (nunchi games, categories)
    – Mission Loading (vocab, mission books)
    – Beacon (paper lantern DIY w opt. LED candles)
    – Galaxy Play-Offs (galaxy DDR, nebula twister)
    – Orbit (paper basketball)

    Day 2:Treasure
    – Battleship (battleship game, vocab)
    – Disguise (mask DIY)
    – Pirate History (short, fun lesson)
    – Treasure Hunt (coding + wordsearch race)

    Day 3: Aliens
    – Spaceship Down (vocab + 2 truths, 1 lie)
    – Alien Craft (finger puppet DIY)
    – Kinetics (cup race, yoga)
    – Message in a Bottle (piñata gift DIY)
    – Race to Mars (spaghetti tower race)

    Day 4: Victory
    – Welcome to Treasure Planet (captain says, full vocab review)
    – Final Dash (hangman games, charades race)
    – New Horizons (play-doh planets: food)
    – Race Home (team puzzles challenge)
    – Homecoming (camp awards, closers)

    -HYPERLINKS: There a lot of these in the PPTs to keep things smooth. Most of them link within the same PPT so there should be no trouble unless you delete the linked slides. Some links are to an outside file (these ones: sorting, vocab and battleship PPTs). If you move/rename these files, the link will be broken.
    To troubleshoot/change PPT hyperlinks: < select the indv. linked item/text (entire groups can’t be linked) <“Insert” tab <“Links” <“Hyperlink” < “Existing File or Webpage” < Select correct file

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