The Wig (가발) 2005

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    Spoilers abound, so don’t read further if you want to watch this movie unaware.

    So I definitely watched this years ago and just recently watched it again as part of my Halloween suffering program where I watch terrible horror movies. Unlike the other movies I have recently written about, though, this time I will try to write a brief synapses without looking at the plot summary online. After I finish I will compare to the actual plot and see how close I got.

    So there is this girl who is dying from leukemia. She has a strong older sister who was stabbed through the neck in a horrible car accident, so now can’t speak, but in times of great stress makes gurgling sounds. Because she is the stronger older sister, she buys her younger, leukemia suffering sister a beautiful wig and takes her out of the hospital so she can enjoy what little time she has left at home.

    The wig is cursed, though, because of course it is, and it makes cancer sister (as opposed to mute sister) become hot and skanky. Cancer sister starts hitting on mute sister’s boyfriend who isn’t into it and runs away. Meanwhile, cancer sister loans the wig to a friend so the friend can seduce her own husband? (this is confusing) but it ends up killing them.

    Cancer sister doesn’t care and keeps wearing it and doing weird stuff. The mute sister gets worried and cuts the wig up, which makes cancer sister sick again. Cancer sister goes crazy and there is some gross stuff that happens.

    Oh, and the wig turns out to be gay? OK, I am looking at Wikipedia now. Yes, the wig ghost was mute sister’s ex-boyfriend’s gay lover, which is why he kept trying to get cancer sister to hook up with him.

    Apparently he ended up being a wig ghost because he committed suicide after being spurned by mute sister’s ex-boyfriend and this was his plan to get him back.

    Reading back on what I wrote, this movie sounds AWESOME! It really, really isn’t. As is the problem with most of these movies, they don’t make a lot of sense, are confusing, and show a lot of hateful behavior without batting an eye (in this case, ableism – as usual for Korean horror – and some weird homophobia). I shouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone, but honestly it is a movie about a wig haunted by a gay ghost, so I mean I guess I sort of can’t help but excitedly tell people about it from time to time.

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