Rock Scissor Paper Game

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      I don’t know how many old timers are around here, but back about 20 years ago there used to be these low-stakes gambling machines on the street where you would put in 500 won coins and play rock scissor paper. If you won you would get some multiple of your money back, but of course the games were rigged against you. Anyway, I decided to make this online simulation of the machines. I designed it so it looks the way they looked and took the sounds out of a youtube video where someone is playing. I you are still stuck in the office on Friday and have some time to kill, take a look. 🙂


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      Mr C

        Love the idea but something is wrong, I think. The link takes me to an itch page with 1/2 the graphic as above, a list of instructions and some links, none of which go to a game page …

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            Hmmm. On desktop, the game should just be open in the window. On mobile you should click the ‘Run Game’ button above the picture.

            In either case there is not much game there. Click (or press) on the coin slot to deposit a coin and then hit one of the red buttons at the bottom to choose rock scissor or paper.

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