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    A good lesson for either a first lesson after a holiday or as a filler lesson before.

    – tell Ss the lesson is about vacations.

    – show the postcard picture. What is it? -> most Ss say ‘letter’. Write ‘postcard’ and ‘post card’ on the board (both spellings are correct).

    – Go through questions 1-3 on the worksheet. Explain the main differences between a letter and a postcard.

    (Letters need an envelope, usually important / private info, can send to anyone (banks, unis, businesses…), can send anytime. Postcards don’t have an envelope, have small talk, send to friends and family (people you know), only send when on holiday.)

    – Show the example postcard (Dear Daniel …). I wrote the first sentence on the board and asked Ss to read it out loud.

    “I’m writing to you from Egypt, in Northern Africa.”

    They proceeded to read it like robots (no pauses, monotone etc). I explained that even though it’s one sentence, there are three parts. I read it again and exaggerated the pauses. I wrote slashes after each pause:

    “I’m writing to you / from Egypt, / in Northern Africa.”

    I asked the Ss to read out loud again. Much better this time.

    – Read through the whole postcard from start to finish, reading each sentence twice. Ss just listen. Exaggerate the pauses and ask Ss to write / at each pause. Check.

    – Read again, this time at a normal pace. Ask Ss to follow along silently.

    – Read once more, ask Ss to read out loud with you.

    – Give Ss ~5 minutes to answer the comprehension questions and the T/F statements and check answers.

    – Explain that it’s the Ss turn to write. They must imagine they are travelling. Where are they? Show the example destinations to get them thinking.

    – Briefly explain the structure of a postcard. Ss can write their postcards by answering the questions for each section.

    – Show example – elicit the answers for each of the questions (Where am I? -> Vietnam. Am I having a good time? -> a lovely time. How’s the weather? etc.)

    – Depending on the Ss level, show them one of the templates (English version or version with Korean) or just ask them to crack on with it.

    – Give them ~10 minutes to write. Walk around and monitor Ss, help with spellings and generating ideas etc.

    – If there’s time, ask 2-3 Ss to present their postcards to the class.


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