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    Let me preface this by saying that no one on earth loves a good hot dog more than me. In fact, nobody likes a mediocre or even terrible hot dog more than me. One time, back in about 1997 I was at a Penn State football game, found a half eaten hot dog in a trash can and ate it. It was sitting on a magazine, so I think it was ok, and honestly that isn’t the most disgusting food I have ever eaten, not even close. I am like a modern day Tarrare (no link, because I feel like being elitist, and if you don’t get the reference immediately I think you should work for it).

    But anyway, fast forward to 2017. I know this old lady. She is very nice, but she has what I call ‘old person brain’. I imagine most of you here have been noticing your parents get old, or have noticed them get old already, and seen the weird and scary cognitive decline that happens after a certain age. It isn’t that old people stop functioning properly, but it seems like the ability of people over the age of sixty-five or so to synthesize information and make cognitive leaps diminishes. Now, before you call me ageist, I admit that I am painting with a broad brush here, and this isn’t something that affects everyone. However, we know that as we age we become more risk averse, become less likely to try new things, and much more likely to end up in a rut. I see this in myself and actively try to combat it. But anyway, what does this have to do with New York Hot Dog and Coffee?

    So I know this old lady. She is very nice, but she is under the impression that I only eat sandwiches, hamburgers (which are possibly sandwiches) and hot dogs (definitely not sandwiches). In my younger days this would irritate me, but now I laugh it off (besides, I really DO like sandwiches). So this older woman likes to bring me food, and she always brings me some kind of sandwich or ‘western’ food. This is fine, and honestly, Tarrare, so she could bring me a bucket of rancid fish heads and I would be happy. Yet.

    Yet, there are certain things that manage to take even me aback. Today I saw the woman and she had New York Hot Dog and Coffee to give me (both a hot dog and coffee, both of which I assume came from New York Hot Dog and Coffee), and I was happy about this, because hot dogs. One weird thing about the relationship between me and the old lady is that she always brings me food and then sits and watches me eat it. I’m not a proud man, so whatever, but today it caused a bit of trouble. What happened was I saw the green hot dog box and got excited. Yay, hot dogs! But then I opened it and saw this:


    A quick translation of the bottom text is: A harmonious hot dog with crunchy grilled garlic sprinkles and soft and sweet onion sauce. Yes. So, I am game for anything, and to be honest, I thought at first that it was white cheese sauce, so I took a huge bite.

    It was not white cheese sauce. The ‘onion sauce’ was seriously mayonnaise with a bit of a vinegar flavor. The hot dog was slathered in mayo. Slathered is actually not the right word. The sausage itself was snug in the bottom of the bun, and then filling in the rest of the space was like a solid inch and a half to two inches of mayonnaise. It was gross. I mean I like mayo as much as the next guy, and while I believe a hot dog shouldn’t have anything but mustard on it, I am not a hot dog prescriptivist and am willing to accept other ideas. However two inches of mayo is not a good thing.

    Worst of all, the old lady was sitting there watching me eat. I kind of choked on that first bite, but I didn’t want to be rude. I swallowed and smiled. I looked back at the 80% of the hot dog that was left and realized that I was in a very unpleasant situation. Still, for the good of everyone, I soldiered on and finished it. I mean I would never in a million years order that hot dog for myself, but I certainly am not going to let it go to waste.

    All that being said, I have had a couple hot dogs from New York Hot Dog and Coffee that weren’t bad. If you stick to the more mainstream stuff and have a bit of an open mind, it is a fine place to get a hot dog. You aren’t going to get a boiled dog with a steamed bun and a splash of yellow mustard, but there are options that are much better than the garlic dog.

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    In the current parlance, I’m sorry that happened to you. I generally assemble my own hot dogs: the Emart (and almost always the Home Plus) in my neighborhood, carries honest-to-dog Johnsonville Brats. They usually carry Heinz hot dog relish, which is mustard and pickle relish together in the same squeeze plastic bottle–I have some now, at any rate.

    Can’t always get hot dog buns, but I’m not terribly picky on that front–a slice of loaf bread will do me fine. I’ll buy a pack of those brats, and that’s dinner sorted for the better part of a week.

    The New York Hot Dog and Coffee, I have to say, is the closest thing to a legitimate dog I’ve found in this country–I have a friend who calls Korea “the Land of Almost” especially as regards Western food: sugar on garlic bread, Who does that?! However, NYHD&C has a chili cheese dog that’s the real thing. Frankly, it’s the only thing I buy there. I say there but they’ve closed down the one in Itaewon, which used to share space with a Jesters pies, so the only place I see them is at Jamsil and Gocheok baseball stadiums. At Jamsil they even have a guy sometimes who wanders the bleachers with a cooler full of them.

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