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    I have a complicated relationship with Narangd. When I first saw it, they were selling small cans (250ml, I guess) for like 250krw and big 1.5l bottles for 990krw at the store near my house.

    I am frugal as all get out, and my wife likes zero calorie drinks so we decided to try it. I will let you in on a non-secret here. Narangd tastes like the inside of a zoo’s ape enclosure. It is rotten, horrid stuff.

    At the same time, it is incredibly cheap and has no sugar in it. Right now you can buy 12 x 1.5l bottles online for 10,000krw including shipping! You really aren’t going to get any soft drinks cheaper than that, particularly not the diet variety.

    So, I drink it. I don’t like it, but it is cheap and sugar free and I drink it. No, I am not proud of myself, but as you get older your decision making tree gets more convoluted and suddenly here we are.

    Anyway, who came up with a name as dumb as Narangd? And who designed the logo? I feel like whoever was in charge of those jobs really needs a stern talking to at the very least.

    Overall, on a scale of one to ten I rate Narangd Cider a negative six. It would be negative twelve, but they got a couple points for cost and being zero calorie. Still, if you have any dignity at all you can dig up some Choosing Cider Zero, which tastes surprisingly good. Of course it costs something like three times as much money, so if you are a scrooge like me you can keep drinking garbage and slowly watch your feeling of self-worth slip away, sip by disgusting sip.

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