Monday Monday Monday!

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    Since no one is answering my Friday general topic posts I decided to try Monday. There are more site visitors at the beginning of the week, so someone will participate. Right? Right??!

    Anyway another nonexciting weekend for me. Work Saturday as usual and then just playing with the kids and reading cheesy SF books (I love Murderbot). Something funny just happened to me today, though.

    I ordered from UberEats for lunch today because I had a 50% coupon and my classes finished at 11:45 so I had time to go home and eat with my wife. Anyway the delivery driver happened to be one of my students who as of just last week randomly stopped showing up for class! Scandal!

    Anything interesting happening out there in the rest of Korea?

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    Haha appreciate the effort, it’s a shame that more people don’t contribute!

    I had quite a pleasant surprise yesterday; I ended up meeting another EPIK teacher who lives in my neighborhood. I’d seen him walking about before but we had never crossed paths properly until yesterday, so I decided to say hello. Turns out he is a fellow Brit and is from the town where my twin brother currently lives! So small world 🙂

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    Have you considered the possibility that it actually was your brother in disguise?

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