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    This year Yeonsu-gu in Incheon is offering two different outdoor skating rinks. One is in Yeonsu Culture Park (연수문화공원), which is located directly outside of Yeonsu Station Exit 2 (on the Suin Line). The other is in Michuhol Park in Songdo, which is best reached from BIT Zone Station (지식정보다지역 – Incheon Line 1), but requires a bit of a walk from exit 4 (the exit opens at a weird angle, so bear left at the top of the steps and walk straight about ten minutes). You could also walk from Technopark Station exit 3(also Incheon Line 1) if you were coming from Triple Street or Hyundai Premium Outlet, and it would also be about ten minutes by foot. Unfortunately parking in both spots is extremely limited, so driving will be a hassle unless you plan on hitting the first skate of the day.

    I haven’t been to the Yeonsu Culture Park skating rink, due to the fact that Michuhol Park is right next to my apartment. The hours are the same for each, but Michuhol Park has an old style sledding (wooden sleds on flat ice with spiked poles for pushing – not my idea of fun) rink that is good if your kids are too small to skate. Other than that, they are both the same, with an hour of ice time and skate rentals costing 2,000w (1,600w for Yeonsu-gu residents with an ID card, 1,000w if you bring your own skates). They also sell gloves (1,000w) and socks (1,500w) if you are unprepared, and provide helmets in a variety of sizes as well as knee, elbow and wrist pads for kids. The skate sizes are from 170cm (my almost five year old wears these) up to 310cm, so larger size feet aren’t generally a problem.

    I have been taking my kids early in the day (first skate is at 10:00am) and it hasn’t been overly crowded, but I am willing to guess that afternoons and evenings, and particularly weekends things will get busy, so if you are looking to avoid the crowd try to arrive early. Also, if you do plan on going during a potentially busy time, they have a limit on how many people are allowed on the ice during any given session, so you might want to book online to ensure you can get a slot. Anyway, my kids like it, the price is right, and it is a fun outdoor activity especially since it hasn’t been that cold this winter. Anyway, the skate rinks are open until Feb 17, 2020, so act quick if you want to go!

    The hours are as follows:

    Every Day:
    8:30pm-9:30pm (only Saturday and Sunday)

    And maps:

    Michuhol Park –

    Yeonsu Culture Park –

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    I noticed that people have been clicking on this link and just wanted to post a quick note. As far as I know, all the outdoor ice skating venues are closed due to COVID.

    I believe that the Seonhak indoor skating rink is still open, but I haven’t been there to verify. I will try to update later with more info.

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      I noticed again that people are clicking this, and it should be updated.

      The skating rinks listed above are no longer around, but there is skating in Songdo next to the American Town apartment (like behind that Burger King/gas station). It is a quick walk from either Campustown or Technopark stations, and there is parking available. It costs 2,000w, but unfortunately is only going on until Feb 13. Here is a link to the official website which has more information listed.

      I think there is also a skating rink over at Sorae-pogu, but I don’t have any information about it, and can’t really provide any recommendations.

      I’ll try to update this in a more timely fashion for next year since apparently people are looking for skating rinks in Incheon.

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