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    I like drinking. I am also a skinflint. Because of that, I generally stick to the big plastic bottles of soju, makkeolli, and Filite. Recently, though, the GS Supermarket near my apartment started selling Filgood (it is stylized as FiLGood, but who knows if that is intentional or just for looks) in the big 1600cc jugs for 1,900w.


    Needless to say, I am in. Filgood is a knockoff of the aforementioned Filite, which is a knock off of beer in general. Filite is about 2,600w (less with a coupon) for 1600cc in a plastic jug (what we used to call a Q-pack like fifteen years ago), which makes it about half price of other Korean beers. The Filgood goes and knocks 700w off that price to make it almost unbelievably cheap.

    Of course this cheapness comes at a price, the quality is horrendous. It tastes like…well not good. Drop a couple soju bombs in there, though, and after a glass or so you won’t notice the difference. At least I don’t. At least not enough to spend more money on Filite (which tastes basically the same), or even more money on other beers.

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