Can We Talk about Weird Pringles Flavors?

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    So this has been going on for a while, but what really ignited my interest was sometime last year when Pringles had the mystery flavor contest. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t buy any, but I did sniff the can and got yelled at by my wife in HomePlus for being an idiot. Turns out that you can’t smell Pringles through the container anyway.

    I have had at least one of the sweet flavors, in the pink container. I think it is Butter Caramel. Other than that, I have had the regular ones, sour cream and onion, and maybe that’s it. I am not much of a brand name snacker (due to my inherent cheapness), so even though I am dying of curiosity I haven’t really had the chance to dig in and try any of the other flavors.

    Incidentally, what sparked the idea of this topic is because I saw the Bolognese Spaghetti flavor on the shelf of the market the other day and was like…hmmm. It just so happens that this was the mystery flavor from the aforementioned mystery flavor context, making me even more curious, but I still didn’t buy it. Right next to it I also saw the Sweet Mayo Cheese flavor, which…well, is it ‘sweet mayo’ and ‘cheese’ or sweet ‘mayo and cheese’? What is sweet mayo? Google apparently shows that it is a thing, but still not something I am interested in. Well, I would like to just give maybe one trip a try so I could know, but I don’t think I will buy an entire tube just to decide it is gross. On the other hand, that Black Pepper Crab flavor looks like it could be legit (Creamy Shrimp, however).


    Speaking of gross, how about Pringles tortilla chips? I realize that these aren’t specifically a Korean thing, but for some reason I just viscerally distrust them. It kind of makes me wish that I could get like a Pringles tasting menu where you get all different flavors in those little single serving tins just for the opportunity to try them. Now opening in Songdo, a Pringles tasting bar. Only twenty five thousand won for the tasting course and another twenty five grand to get the wine pairing.

    Anyway, to wrap this up, I tried to use Naver to find all the Pringles flavors available in Korea and it ended up being extremely overwhelming. I am giving up and in the future will just accept that the world of the Pringle is wide and diverse.

    BONUS 1: What might this be?

    BONUS 2: Hard hitting Pringles journalism the world needs right now.

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    lol, I’m right there with you, buddy. I haven’t been able to bring myself to purchase a whole container to try either. They may only be about 3k won, but I still don’t want to throw that in the trash. While my husband will eat anything, he doesn’t need to suffer for my curiosity, lol.

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    The spagbol are really great, imo. I loooove Pringles haha.

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