Are masks a particular burden on language learning?

Classroom mask mandates nixed! Forums Discussion Forum General Discussion Are masks a particular burden on language learning?

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      This thread is to discuss the pros and cons of masking in the language classroom.

      Do the benefits of masking–considering the government’s decisions about the health value of wearing a mask–outweigh the assessment/educational value of teachers’ ability to demonstrate word formation and to observe and correct students’ speech patterns in our classrooms?

      Your thoughts and opinions are welcome below!

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        I always despised the use of masks and having to wear them at school was getting on my God damn nerves. There are no benefits to wearing masks in language classrooms because we need to assess if the students are lip-syncing or actually speaking. Most students are choosing to continue with masks because they want to hide from speaking (IMO).

        But, as we all know, public schools don’t take English “as serious” as hagwons.

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