2019 Gr 6 Cheonjae (Ham) – Special 2

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        For my Special 2 class, I’m primarily focusing on second usage of the vocab from Lesson 4 and different types of directions (I.e. outside of looking for specific places). This is mostly because the homeroom teachers were supposed to teach lesson 3 and I know some classes are still only partway through it.

        So I made a ppt and edited a video for learning the Cha Cha slide. For whatever reason, the video refuses to go into the PPT so it’s uploaded separately.


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        Mr C

          Here are my materials:

          -Preposition review quiz game
          -Stations game, a student favorite. Instructions included
          -Funny Festivals around the world. Choose students to read the grafs aloud, then students fill in the worksheet. Students must read for comprehension.BTW, I’m doing both periods of this, so I’m doing the quiz as a warm-up, split over two periods (questions from the left half, then the right half. I’ll just move the box over.)

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          Mr C

            Made a Words for Songs with vocab from 3 and 4, to use anywhere in Special 2.

            New template, not sure who made it, but thanks!

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