2019 Gr 6 Cheonjae (Ham) – Lesson 6: He has short curly hair

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      Mr C

        My materials for this lesson:

        -a pretty thorough but quick review of clothing terms
        -a review using characters from Harry Potter and Korean TV of key expressions
        -“letters”: various characters including Korean fashion shots on a slide, each with a letter. Teams chose the correct figure that answers the question/matches the statement, e.g., “She has short black hair.”, write the letters down (on their whiteboard) until they know the vocab term
        -Who is this? teams read 4 clues and everyone writes their guess about which famous figure (Batman, Dorothy for Wizard of Oz, etc) is being described
        -Simpsons-based “Catch the donut thief” full instructions included
        -“Points” game, a team chooses a face and makes 3 sentences to describe it. Earn points according to which sentences match the ones on the slide
        -Speed Writer game
        -Stations game, full instructions, lots of fun
        -Make A Face: answer the question, pick a feature, first team to make a complete face wins
        -two quiz games, one Avengers themed, the other SpongeBob themed
        -three warm-ups, Chase the Vocab, What Does Lady Gaga Look Like Today, and a review of vocab for period 2

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            Had a total lack of ideas for games/activities to do for the second half of the lesson, so this is a real HELP! Thank you so much for these great ideas! I was about to break my head (and wallet) to make diy Guess Who games but thankfully, I found your post first. :’D

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