2019 Gr 6 Cheonjae (Ham) – Lesson 11: We should save the earth

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    Here are my materials:

    -words for songs, Ss guess the blanked word in the lyrics while listening to a snippet from a song
    -intro, cobbled together from work by a couple of others (Thanks!)
    -review/practice, reviews the sentences, provides more info re: reduce, reuse,recycle, and ends with the Recycling Game. Teams choose a pice of litter to recycle, members of the team read the sentences, then find out the points they got
    -place your bets! well-known by now, a much enjoyed and very solid activity
    -sleeping elephants game (easy to edit) full instructions
    -pass the ball game
    -problems/solutions PPT tweaked from mconley (Thanks!)
    -Quiz game on an earth theme
    three warm-ups:
    -around and around unscramble game, from allone23’s template
    -Reading Race, each team member has two sentences to read in turn, while teacher uses a stopwatch to time the whole team. Not something to do often but it’s fun once or twice a year
    -give me 4, each member of a team must provide a sentence for the situation they selected (for example, 4 ways to save water, “How about …?”) The team has one minute to make all four sentences

    The “Three R’s” song and lyrics sheet

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