2019 Gr 5 Cheonjae (Ham) – Lesson 11: I want to be a movie director

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    Here are my materials:

    -vocab intro, decent pics of various occupations
    -tools of the trade presentation, w 2 rounds of matching
    -“I want to be a …” reading game, each team has a slide w 4 sentences, all teams write the profession described on a whiteboard
    -writing activity, students write three sentences about a person in their notebook, matching up info in three columns (instructions included)
    -odd jobs presentation, if you have a few extra minutes, interesting and unusual jobs, like chocolate taster and mall Santa
    -quiz game on alphabet theme
    -two warm-ups: who’s missing, and rebus puzzles

    A shout-out to Peter Weatherall’s “People in my Town” song, with video by Nowon Elementary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Khqj_G6bk60

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