2019 Gr 5 Cheonjae (Ham) – Lesson 10: What a nice house

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    My materials for this lesson:

    -vocab introduction
    -Adventure at Finn’s House, a read aloud story w a comprehension quiz at the end
    -“cutaway” house activity, I’ve assembled a series of pictures of houses, cut-away views as well as Good Housekeeping types. Each pic has a piece of paper masking some feature. Send pairs to flip up the paper and fill in the blanks in the sentence there, by studying the revealed part of the picture. They report the sentence to the other half of their team, who write it on the worksheet. Then switch. I laminate eveything for reuse.
    -Hidden animals activity, teams form key sentences to reveal what’s behind a piece of furniture in a room, earn points if they reveal a pet … but lose points for a cockroach (I forget who made this but thanks)
    -where am I? game, each team has 4 sentences to read taking turns that describes a room in the house, all teams write their guess on a whiteboard to earn points
    -SpeedWriter game, from Adam Zero with this vocab
    -warm-up, Chase the vocab game

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