2015 Gr 6 Daekyo – Lesson 2: How do you say ‘Hello’ in Korean?

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    Here are my materials:
    -intro focusing on greetings and slang, cobbled together from various others
    -Dialogue writing activity; I think this is a quality idea and I wish I remember who thought of it! Anyway, students choose greetings and responses from columns and see if they match what the teacher chose.
    -Bob wants to say Hi! the main activity looks like a word search but it’s a “sentence maze”. Its challenging but fun, the first time. Includes comprehension questions
    -my tomb raiders of Egypt decoding activity, teams work together to decode and write down hieroglyphics which of course are key expressions. Instructions included
    -Similar to this, I have an ASL decoding activity. You should show the water pump scene from The Miracle Worker first–there are numerous versions in different lengths on YT.

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