2015 Gr 6 Daekyo – Lesson 1: I’m from France

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    This lesson is very similar to Cheonjae (Ham) lesson 1, where I have some other materials: https://www.teachkorea.kr/forums/topic/2015-gr-5-cheonjae-2-lesson-1-im-from-canada/#post-2097 especially Elsa, Yakko and the food in the shape of flags. Anyway, here is what I have specific to this lesson:
    -vocab intro, mainly about countries, with a short flag quiz
    -Last Man Standing, the way I play it is each team gets a slide and members choose a sentence to make/read, whoever gets the green O remains standing to represent their team in the final round.
    -R-P-S game, Rock-paper-scissors, Sentence-writing, Point-counting game, instructions included. Simple but the kids go wild for it
    -Where’s Waldo activity in which teams practice writing ordinals-which place in line is Waldo standing?
    -warmup-cartoon theme with Tayo on the cover. Teams unscramble key sentences from the lesson (do this after period 2)

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