2015 Gr 6 Cheonjae 2 – Lesson 2: I have a headache

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    My materials:
    -vocab intro with strip bingo game
    -Place Your Bets, very popular, full instructions included
    -What’s wrong with Lucy? sentence maze activity: it looks like a word search but it’s not; worksheet includes maze and comprehension questions
    -Sentence Surgeons, this is basically Blazing Pens game
    -Crossword and wordsearch worksheet
    -Avengers theme quiz game
    -disappearing dialogue PPT for period 5
    -warm-ups: What’s missing? teams identify what illness is missing from the second slide; rebuses, students really love doing these.
    -also have a cold remedies from around the world activity, probably chooe this one or place your bets.
    -Finally, a good song for this unit.

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      I always look to your lessons and resources for inspiration. They are of such great quality. You’ve saved me many times! Thank you!

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