2015 Gr 5 Cheonjae 2 – Lesson 8: How was your vacation?

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    My materials:

    -Harry Potter and the Horrible Vacation as motivation, I use this as a read aloud, moving around the room
    -vocab review for period one w scaffolding; what’s missing and matching games at the end. Change out the pics of me
    -pass the ball game – there is a hint of the verb in present tense
    -sleeping dragons game (like elephants)
    -RPS writing – rock-paper-scissors. sentence-writing, point-counting game, simple but Ss love it
    -quiz game on my summer pool party theme
    -word search worksheet, present tense verb in word bank, Ss must find the past tense in the grid
    -Past Tense review and practice
    -Tic-tac-toe boys v girls practice in changing tenses
    -word twist game, make sentences

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