2015 Gr 5 Cheonjae 2 – Lesson 2: What are these?

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      Mr C

        My materials:
        -motivation, “Zoom” an interesting picture book in PPT
        -vocab practice using cartoon characters (brother)
        -lesson 2-2 dialogue fill-in worksheet (2 per page) and combo with xword puzzle
        -warm-ups: Mario 8-bit style vocab practice, guess the pictures, and picture reveal game (I have boys and girls read the part)
        -Neighborhood noise poem
        -Circle Game, students in pairs listen to sentence and try to be first to circle the correct item on their sheet
        -Pororo and Crong Guess the Story, teams or students try to guess what Crong is saying (He only says, “Crong, crong, crong”…)
        -Place Your Bets, very popular reading activity, full instructions included

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