2015 Gr 5 Cheonjae 2 – Lesson 13: How much are the pants?

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      Mr C

        I already had these on Dropbox:


        For the first period of this lesson, Psy goes shopping, a ppt using images of Psy and Psy-branded products in a scaffolded practice of key vocab.
        I have another, quite comprehensive, vocab review, created by Sheila.
        My English Espionage game, that students really seem to dig; the conceit is your team is trying to rendezvous with a secret agent. Full instructions on the PPT.
        Warmups include English drop unscramble, two rounds of rebus puzzles and a “reading race” (teams compete to read their set of sentences fastest–not something I’d do often, though).
        I have a good worksheet with three different activities, and a “games” ppt with bingo and a listing game where students try to write down the names of as many items of clothing in the picture as they can.

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          Mr C

            My co-teacher wanted a more “real-world” role-play dialogue activity than they have in the book, so I made this. She loved it and I have to say it went very well in class.

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