2015 Gr 5 Cheonjae 2 – Lesson 12: What a nice house!

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    Materials include:
    -a motivator story “The Adventure at Finn’s House” by BigWaveDave that I tweaked somewhat and added a little quizlet to.
    -a “cutaway” house activity, in which pics of houses and rooms are posted up around the room. A little cutout shaped to fit covers up the key part of the picture, and students have to complete the sentence on their worksheet. I included a couple of photos of the activity in action to make it clear.
    -hidden animals in the house, teams make a sentence and teacher clicks on the item in the room–sometimes an animal is hidden behind it (for points) but hope you don’t reveal a cockroach!
    -Where Am I? members of a team each read a sentence, the four sentences together should bring to mind a room. Then answer the question, “Where am I?”
    -listing: pairs work together to study a room picture and write down the vocab items they see in it. Tehy earn points if their words match the ones on the next slide.
    -vocab review
    -odd and unusual houses
    -an iteration of Adam Zero’s SpeedWriter game, and a vocab review.

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