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Mr C
Mr C
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My materials for this lesson:

-vocab introduction
-who am I? team game, each team reads four sentences (one per team member) describing a person, then ALL teams write their guess on their whiteboard, earn a point for a correct answer, reading team collects all the unearned points
-Blazing Pens game, focusing on Statesmen/inventors King Sejong, Admiral Yi, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. After reading about each, teams unscramble and write sentences in regular Blazing Pens fashion. Earn an extra point if they write who each sentence is about.
-fun inventions, real or fake–may be a good opener
-quiz game w Tom & Jerry theme
-two warm-up activites, an unscramble game and rebus puzzles
-three writing activities: Rock-paper-scissors writing game, telepathy game, and writing about the people in the lesson-students match info from the three columns to write three sentences about each person, instructions included.

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