Reply To: 2018 Gr 3 YBM (Kim) – Lesson 6: Can you swim

Mr C
Mr C
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Here are my materials, begged, borrowed, stolen or slapped together:

-vocab introduction
-Circle game-pairs try to be the first to circle the picture or sentence on the teacher’s cue–good listening game
-pass the ball game
-Pororo quiz game
-superhero PPT with instructions for a matching/concentration game using the superhero cards in the .doc
-Let’s Write game
-Give Me 4, this is pretty challenging, a team stands and the members have to each come up with one of four things they can or cannot do, for instance at school, or in the swimming pool. I have a timer on it but it’s not essential
-some warm-ups including a Stand-up or Magic Number game; a review of key vocab; and a picture reveal game
-also the best song for this unit, Can-do Kid

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