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Mr C
Mr C
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Here are my materials, not much new, but updated for the new edition:

-review of tenses PPT (I show this first)
-vocab intro scaffolded, with 2 rounds of matching
-Dragon’s Lair game, a knights and dragon skin on my decoding game. Kids like these. Instructions included
-Reading race; assuming teams of four, each student reads two sentences while their team is timed on the teacher’s stopwatch. (Fun, but not something I do very often.)
-Roadside attractions, a read-aloud activity with aboout four key sentences, focusing on various attractions, from Whakarewarewa tourist village in New Zealand to Petite France in Gapyong to Jurassic World. At the end are a few rounds of picture reveal with vocab practice
RPS Rock-paper-scissors, point-counting, sentence-writing game. Simple, but the Ss love it
-3 warm-up games, each with two rounds: Simpsons-themed, word clouds, race cars!

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