Reply To: 2019 Gr 6 Cheonjae (Ham) – Lesson 3: When is the club festival

Mr C
Mr C
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My materials:

-the best song, the months song
-Holidays warm-up: I actually stat with this PPT because numerous activities will use the info and/images later on
-a little ordinal review and vocab practice with characters/celebs
-the 11 months game: ss see a screen with 11 months on it, and must write down the missing month; after 11 rounds, they try to see which month is missing from the list of missing months
-picture reveal and matching game on a PPT
-LoL matching game: try to guess two LoL characters by reading the sentences on top
-Quiz game on alphabet theme–change out my pic and birthday on slide 63
-chase the vocab game with months: I tell them to chase “The month with Hangeul Day,” etc
-cake game: teams read out a date (they are in various formats) to try to find the hidden cake and earn a point
-warm-ups include rebuses, Brilliant Brains unscramble, and a reading race
-telepathy writing game

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