Reply To: 2018 Gr 3 YBM (Kim) – Lesson 13: How’s the weather

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Period 1: Finger DDR, Snatch Game

Period 2: Finger DDR, Match Game

Finger DDR:

Using a poster paper draw out the chart at the beginning of the ppt. Then using a pointer stick follow the song. After showing the students how to do it choose a few students to try it on the poster. You can hand out a printout to all the students so they can sing and DDR as well.

review period: Story telling, practice, Team memory game, touch the card, zombie game, 4 corners game (we did not get through all materials in one class but I have more review classes)

*Snatch game cards can be used for the touch the card game:
I drew a section for each weather on the board and gave each student at the front of the team a magnet, they had to put the correct card on the board using the magnet under the correct weather section. This activity can take some time and the students enjoyed it

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