Reply To: 2015 Gr 6 Cheonjae 2 – Lesson 10: What do you think?

Mr C
Mr C
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    My materials:
    -bored vs boring, a good intro
    -vocab intro w games including vanishing pictures and matching
    -disappearing dialogue for period 4
    -song activities for period 5 song, pair activities (dl the song from your CD-ROM)
    -place your bets, lots of fun, good writing/grammar check
    -the circle game, listening activity, partners race to circle the sentence said by teacher
    -last man and last icon standing, team member each choose one item, then the one who remains standing represents the team in the final round
    -question and answer cards, that loop around the room
    -RPS writing game, rock-paper-scissors, sentence-writing, point-counting game, simple but the kids love it
    -spy game, team decoding game, decoders must whisper the info across to the other half who write it down
    -Tayo Tayo unscramble game
    -Sleeping minions game
    -pictures illustrating different opinions, good warm-up

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