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Mr C
Mr C
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My materials for this lesson:

-vocab practice w Last Man Standing game
-Sentence relay game: a bit of prep, I laminate the word cloud pics. Instructions included, this is a solid activity as each student must read, speak, listen and write in turns
-Find the mistakes, writing activity, students correct the conversations between pop culture pairs
-Kakaotalk themed quiz game
-information gap speaking/listening activity
-Sleeping Elephants game on the newish template
-short presentation on summertime activities, with the period 5 song pasted into a PPT I made (best to rehearse the timings once)
-text lingo activity: teach about texting, leading up to trying to guess recent song lyrics re-written in text lingo. This is very fun!
-Pirates of the classroom, speaking game
-Avengers motivation read-aloud story
-texting themed warm-up unscramble game
-Smartphone activity, very fun

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