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Here are my materials for this lesson:

-motivation: a Pororo read aloud story vwith some review expressions plus the key vocab for this lesson. Once started, you only have to click to advance after someone reads. I think kids will have fun make Crong sounds.
-vocab review with scaffolding and a picture reveal game
-dialogue practice for period 2, though I did alter the textbook dialogue a bit (in part to make it only four characters, since that’s how my classes are grouped). There is a What’s Missing game and a Vanishing Pictures game. The way I have set it up, each team will stand and roleplay the dialogue before the chance to play their round.
-Kakao game, 6 pics or sentences per side, teams choose one to reveal pts or RPS challenge, six rounds
-simple “Let’s Write” writing game, students choose a sentence to write in their notebooks. The sentences are removed until only one remains–match that sentence, earn a point.

This lesson is strung out quite a bit because of Chuseok, Buddha’s birthday, etc, so I’m putting some review at the front of my warm-up activities to get everyone into the zone.
-review of vocabulary and practice making sentences
-English Cup soccer themed unscramble game
-“High Rollers”, reading aloud. All stand. Go around the room reading (for example, in the same pattern as they pass the ball) passing a big fluffy die. When the “dice” shows up on the screen, whoever has it, rolls. That number of students sits down (you don’t sit just for reading). They are “out”. Last person standing gets a stamp. I made lots of sentences, so everyone should read a few times.

I’m also attaching Can-do Kid, a new video my summer camp class made of the great song. The video isn’t great, but it’s a change from the one I’ve been playing …

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