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Mr C
Mr C
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My materials for this lesson:
-for first period, a review of key vocab, followed by the “Magic Number” game where teams sit down or stand up to match the number
-an activity abut hot dogs, based on the American advertising song from “Armour”
-pass the ball bingo game
-Avoid the durian game, find the points
-Dora the Explorer read-aloud. I took an old PPT with pictures of families posing with their weekly food supply, added some new ones, and simplified/improved it with Dora. At the end, a writing game–Ss write a sentence in their notebook
-I have four warm-ups, two of them brand new: Name the carved foods (beautiful carvings by an artist named Gaku), and Mr and Mrs Foodface–name the foods on the plate. Also name the food, including pics that are extreme close-ups, thin slices, etc; and guess the food with distorted images.

Oliver Food Glorious Food w lyrics:

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