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Mr C
Mr C
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My materials:
(this lesson uses only in, on and under. I’ve added a bit of behind and next to, just to beef up the text)
-introduction to prepositions with some guessing games
-a paper connect four game for pairs
-Find the Monkeys game, I’m not sure who made this, but I added cockroaches
-a quiz (ie bomb game) on prepositions that’s been floating around for a while
-three good warm-up activitiesL chase the vocab, a memory game (students have to remember if the monkey is in the tree, the dog on the bed, after briefly seeing a series a pictures), and The Flash game, teams have a split second to view the picture and make a sentence.
-a worksheet with a”double puzzle” and a wordsearch on it
-Pokemon writing game. It’s so obvious, I don’t know why no one ever did this before (or maybe they did and I missed it). Students will follow along as Ash and Pikachu chase down pokemon. A yellow box will come up on the PPT students copy the sentence into their notebooks and fill in the missing words.

I also cut the very good “In-on-under” song down a bit–I can’t even sing the “the C is in front of the D” stuff myself. Also, here’s a link to Grover teaching some prepositions:

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