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Permitted and Prohibited Uses

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This website offers a range of freely available teaching materials provided by Users with the condition that materials shared are provided (uploaded) and accessed (downloaded) following “educational use” guidelines laid out generally under The Hague Convention and more specifically under copyright regulations of the United States, where the TeachKorea.kr servers are located. The User agrees to follow these guidelines in sharing Intellectual Property (IP) and to indemnify the Operators according to the Indemnification clause below.

Copyright and copyleft

As stated, ideas, information, resources and materials provided on the website are free and may not be monetized by other Users at any time; while it is a limited legal term, the practice of copyleft best describes any IP claims of materials shared on TeachKorea.kr: the author gives permission to reproduce, adapt or distribute it freely, with the requirement that any resulting copies, derivatives or adaptations are bound by the same permission.  Ideally, these materials should be shared on TeachKorea.kr.

It is worth noting that although Users may not monetize their own work on TeachKorea.kr, nothing prevents them from uploading, sharing or selling their materials elsewhere.  Note that this is not true for any reproduced, copied, derivative or adapted works you found here.


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