Winter Camp is Around the Corner

It’s an annual problem–what can I do for two weeks of “camp” that will keep the kiddies engaged without driving me insane?  If you navigate the menu at top, you can find some potential answers.  But more are needed!  If you have found something that works, something you want to share with other teachers, please consider letting us host it for you.

If this is your first visit to, welcome!  Please become a member.  It’s free–and will remain that way.  It’s also quick and easy.  After you register (up there under the “Account” menu), you can immediately participate in the discussion forums  and materials sharing area.  Whether you’re teaching for a “hagwon”, in the public schools or at a university, we want to improve your teaching experience.  The key to that is your involvement and your contributions–take a moment to introduce yourself!

If you’re already a member, welcome back!   We hope that when you were here before, you found something useful for your teaching.  If so, how about sharing your materials to help this site to grow?  If there is a problem you’re having, a need not being met, or an idea you want to share, do let us know so we can continue to improve.